Marquee Insurance Group can work with the following businesses if you...

Are Located within the Continental U.S. (48 States)

Are Authorized-for-Hire for Property

Do Not Rent with Ryder

Do Not Transport Passengers

Do Not Operate Residential Delivery Services

Do Not Operate Food Trucks

Do Not Operate Appliance & Installation Services

Main Coverages

Commercial Auto Liability

Commercial auto liability refers to an insurance policy that protects businesses in the event of an accident involving company-owned vehicles. The coverage extends to bodily injury or property damage caused by the driver or the vehicle, providing financial protection from lawsuits or legal claims filed by third parties.

Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is a type of policy that protects the transporter from financial losses in the event of damaged or lost freight during transportation. This policy is highly customizable to suit the unique needs of different transportation operations and can come with coverage limits of up to several million dollars, depending on the nature of the cargo being transported.

Physical Damage

Property Damage Insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial protection for individuals, businesses, and organizations against the costs associated with damage to property that they are deemed responsible for. This coverage typically includes damage to vehicles, buildings, and other types of physical property caused by accidents, natural disasters, or other unforeseeable events.

General Liability

General Liability insurance is a crucial form of protection for any business that interacts with customers, suppliers, or other third parties. This type of policy can assist in covering the cost of lawsuits, medical expenses, and property damage claims resulting from accidents or incidents that occur during the course of conducting business operations.

Per Shipment Cargo

Per Shipment Cargo (PSC) insurance is a type of excess coverage that carriers can purchase to protect themselves against losses that may arise during the transportation of high-value goods. Specifically, PSC will come into effect once the insured goods have departed from their shipping point and are in transit to their final destination, as detailed in the relevant shipping documents.

Other Services:

Fuel Card: Marquee Insurance Company's fuel card can be a game-changer for businesses looking to save on fuel expenses. With industry-leading discounts and exceptional customer service, the MIG fuel card can help businesses cut costs on the road while also providing detailed reports to track expenses and optimize fuel spending.

Marquee History

Marquee Insurance Group is a trusted partner in the commercial insurance industry. Founded in 2014, they specialize in providing reliable trucking insurance coverage to protect customers’ operations and their valuable assets. Marquee’s commitment to exceptional customer service paired with innovative technology makes them the ideal choice among businesses looking for peace of mind when it comes to protecting their investments. Marquee Insurance Group’s mission is to provide comprehensive protection tailored precisely to each customers’ needs and desires while maintaining an affordable cost point; all backed by their strong team of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to delivering a superior experience.



Marquee Insurance Group and DOT Compliance Group are announcing an exciting partnership that aims to simplify commercial truck insurance for businesses. By combining their expertise, Marquee Insurance Group and DOT Compliance Group offer a comprehensive solution that includes auto liability, per shipment cargo, physical damages coverages, and more. This collaboration not only provides convenience and peace of mind to businesses, but it also ensures compliance with industry regulations. For companies in the transportation industry, this partnership is a game-changer that puts their insurance needs in capable hands. Whether you are a new trucking entrant or an established carrier, Marquee Insurance Group has premier insurance options to meet your needs.

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